Saga Of King Harald Grafeld

When King Hakon was killed, the sons of Eirik took the sovereignty of Norway. Harald, who was the oldest of the living brothers, was over them in dignity. Their mother Gunhild, who was called the King-mother, mixed herself much in the affairs of the country. There were many chiefs in the land at that time. There was Trygve Olafson in the Eastland, Gudrod Bjornson in Vestfold, Sigurd earl of Hlader in the Throndhjem land; but Gunhild’s sons held the middle of the country the first winter. There went messages and ambassadors between Gunhild’s sons and Trygve and Gudrod, and all was settled upon the footing that they should hold from Gunhild’s sons the same part of the country which they formerly had held under King Hakon.


Contents ;

  1. Government Of The Sons Of Eirik
  2. Christianity Of Gunhild’s Sons
  3. Councils By Gunhild And Her Sons
  4. Gunhild’s Sons And Grjotgard
  5. Sigurd Burnt In A House In Stjoradal
  6. History Of Hakon, Sigurd’s Son
  7. Of Harald Grafeld
  8. Earl Eirik’s Birth
  9. King Trygve Olafson’s Murder
  10. King Gudrod’s Fall
  11. Of Harald Grenske
  12. Earl Hakon’s Feuds
  13. Of Earl Hakon And Gunhild’s Sons
  14. Sigurd Slefa’s Murder
  15. Grjotgard’s Fall
  16. King Erling’s Fall
  17. The Seasons In Norway At This Time
  18. The Icelanders And Eyvind The Skald

This saga might be called Gunhild’s Saga, as she is the chief person in it. The reign of King Harald and Earl Hakon is more fully described in the next saga, that is, Olaf Trygvason’s.

Other literature on this epoch:

  • “Agrip” (chap. 8),
  • “Historia Norvegia”, (p. 12),
  • “Thjodrek” (chap. 5),
  • “Saxo” (pp. 479-482),
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  • “Kormak” (chaps. 19-27),
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  • “Njala” (chaps, 3-6).

The skalds of this saga are:

  • Glum Geirason,
  • Kormak Agmundson,
  • Eyvind Skaldaspiller,
  • and Einar Helgason Skalaglam.


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