Harald Harfager's Saga

The Saga of Harald Fairhair (Haralds saga hárfagra) is the third of the sagas in Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla, after Ynglinga saga and the saga of Halfdan the Black. Snorri sagas were written in Iceland in the 1220s. This saga is about the Norwegian king Harald Fairhair.

While Heimskringla, the Harald Fairhair saga, is still recognized as some of the best in Old Norse literature from this period as “due primarily to Snorri uniting historical criticism and thinking with ingenious storytelling. He composes meticulously; prepares and creates excitement, regression and expectation until the decision falls in an intense, dramatic scene. “The other sources, Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum and Fagrskinna, are more concise and sober in style, while Snorri elaborates and enlivens the action and people. Snorri shows an ability to find relationships, motives and reasons. He gives passion to speeches and conversations.

Contents :

  1. Harald’s Strife With Hake And His Father Gandalf
  2. King Harald Overcomes Five Kings
  3. Of Gyda, Daughter Of Eirie
  4. King Harald’s Vow
  5. The Battle In Orkadal
  6. King Harald S Laws For Land Property
  7. Battle In Gaulardal
  8. Harald Seizes Naumudal District
  9. King Harald’s Home Affairs
  10. Battle At Solskel
  11. Fall Of Kings Arnvid And Audbjorn
  12. King Vemund Burnt To Death
  13. Death Of Earls Hakon, And Atle Mjove
  14. Harald And The Swedish King Eirik
  15. Harald At A Feast Of The Peasant Ake
  16. Harald’s Journey To Tunsberg
  17. The Battle In Gautland
  18. Hrane Gauzke’s Death
  19. Battle In Hafersfjord
  20. Harald Supreme Sovereign In Norway
  21. Harald’s Marriage And His Children
  22. King Harald’s Voyage To The West
  23. Harald Has His Hair Clipped
  24. Rolf Ganger Driven Into Banishment
  25. Of The Fin Svase And King Harald
  26. Of Thjodolf Of Hvin, The Skald
  27. Of Earl Torfeinar’s Obtaining Orkney
  28. King Eirik Eymundson’s Death
  29. Guthorm’s Death In Tunsberg
  30. Earl Ragnvald Burnt In His House
  31. Halfdan Haleg’s Death
  32. Harald And Einar Reconciled
  33. Death Of Guthorm And Halfdan The White
  34. Marriage Of Eirik
  35. Harald Divides His Kingdom
  36. Death Of Ragnvald Rettilbeine
  37. Death Of Gudrod Ljome
  38. King Bjorn Kaupman’s Death
  39. Reconciliation Of The Kings
  40. Birth Of Hakon The Good
  41. King Athelstan’s Message
  42. Hauk’s Journey To England
  43. Hakon, The Foster-son Of Athelstan, Is Baptized
  44. Eirik Brought To The Sovereignty
  45. King Harald’s Death
  46. The Death Of Olaf And Of Sigrod


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