Hárbarðsljóð – The Poem of Harbarth

Thor spake:
41. “Wilt thou now say | that hatred thou soughtest to bring us?”

Harbarth spake:
42. “A ring for thy hand | shall make all right for thee,
As the judge decides | who sets us two at peace.”

Thor spake:
43. “Where foundest thou | so foul and scornful a speech?
More foul a speech | I never before have heard.”

Harbarth spake:
44. “I learned it from men, | the men so old,
Who dwell in the hills of home.”

Thor spake:
45. “A name full good | to heaps of stones thou givest
When thou callest them hills of home.”

41. Hatred: so Regius; the other manuscript has, apparently, “sickness.”

42. Just what Othin means, or why his words should so have enraged Thor, is not evident, though he may imply that Thor is open to bribery. Perhaps a passage has dropped out before stanza 43.

44. Othin refers to the dead, from whom he seeks information through his magic power.