Forgive my silence

Dear followers and readers, sorry for my apparent absence over the last weeks and months. I know I haven’t posted much but I have a good reason. I am currently working on my own book, my own translation of Hávamál, a kind of analysis and study guide to help people understand the Hávamál better. I started this two years ago and now it is gradually taking shape. I have decided to do this in my own language first, because the old texts are not often available in Dutch and the studies on this are almost non-existent. With this I hope to help people who do not really speak several languages ​​like our own language, so many interesting texts remain hidden from them. And since the website here now contains almost most of the texts referenced in the Eddas, I have decided to focus a little more on writing my book. Now I have already worked out a few pages that more or less have their almost final form. That is why I decided to translate it into English anyway, because most people worldwide can read this, while the number of Dutch-speaking people in the world is much smaller. So slowly I will translate the pages that are almost finished for you so that you can also give your opinion and that it might help others. Whether these pages will ever actually come to a printed book, only the higher powers know. But until the time that day comes, I still wanted to place it here. I will gradually add pages. Due to the massive volume of text I will probably also use a translation program every now and then to save time. If some text looks really strange, know that it is probably the translation software. Hopefully you can do something with this. Of course I need not say that nothing from these texts may be copied or posted anywhere without my written permission, Greetings Dave.

I will make a permanent tab on the menu page later, but for now I will just post the link here.

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