How is it to be a Heathen in the modern days ?

We all know how its like when people ask this question , in a modern society you are supposed to be one of the mainstream religions . Like Christian , Muslim , Jewish , Hindoe or Buddhist when there is a conversation about religions . When you tell people you believe in the old gods…. you get the look , we all know THE look wright ? Something like wtf are you talking about ….. or … are you mentall ? People lost the knowledge about the old gods and the connection to there ancestors so how would they know ? Since alot of items from our religion have bin commercialized they then start to believe that we are a fan of comic books and movie’s . Untill you start explaining that it whas the beliefs or religion of our ancestors and alot older then any of the other religions . Then they call you completly nuts in some cases . They cant comprehend the fact that you believe in something they dont know about , they see no proof as an official religion , no buildings that serve as a place for praying and worshipping the gods . We dont go around with flyers or going door to door to spread the word ! Most of the times its best not even to try or put energy in it, most people are not willing to think beyond the spoon fed world . They just drag themselves true everyday with what they have bin told/learnd . In some strange cases you will find somebody that has more interrest in what it means to be heathen in the modern days . Those are the more openminded people , alot of them are turning away from the mass thinking about religion. If you wanne talk about it with them, and alot of us do like to talk about the gods , go slowly lol , dont pour the lore and history in there troat ad fundum. That will scare them of pretty fast . Little sips and steps , they will ask more if they trully wanna know . It has become easyer to talk about it with becoming more known true serie’s and movie’s . But the catch with those media is that it also attrackt the people who will act like those serie’s and movie’s and are actually fans of the media instead of the beliefs they where inspired by or drawn from . How many of you have come acros people who are a viking now ? Including hair style and/or tattoo’s they dont know the meaning behind . I always try to resist the urge to slap them and try to probe what they know . So how do you react in a situation like that ? Do you bother or not ?

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