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Yes i can here you say , another Heathen blog ! But i make this blog and site with only 1 intention . Providing correct and complete information for people who feel attrackted to the Old ways and Gods . I know there are many website’s that cover parts of it and make you jump from site to site but its hard to find complete info on one page without adds . So i hope to close the gap a bit . This will take alot of work and time but i will get it done . If you should find errors , please tell me .

The good and bad sides of a having the website .

Hey everybody , my little website is growing and getting more visits everyday and i am very happy and thankfull for that , truly , when i created these simple webpages the intend whas helping fellow heathens from around the … Continue reading

New menu added – runes

Today i added a new menu tab on the website , info about the runes . The most well known and used part of our faith . Used for almost anything , from movies and games to furniture and clothing … Continue reading

The return to almost normal .

I know its bin a long time since ive added new material and i apologize for that .Ive recieved a alot of messages if i would add new content soon . Since the start of the covid 19 crisis worldwide … Continue reading

Work on the gods and goddess pages has started .

Since i have finisht about 95% of the Poetic en Prose Edda’s i can finally start the work on the pages for the gods and godesses . Why did i need to finish the edda’s first i hear you ask … Continue reading

A thank you .

Perhaps i did not say this yet , but thank you for visiting and your imput about the blog/website . I whas very curious if people would find this webpage/blog usefull at all . The message’s and idea’s on how … Continue reading

Finaly some time to continue !!

After the last weeks beeing hell in work and personal life i managed to finish up some work . I finisht up the following chapters in the Poetic Edda . Sigurðarkviða hin skamma Helreið Brynhildar – Brynhild’s Hell-Ride Guðrúnarkviða in … Continue reading

Prose Edda finisht !!

Today i added the last missing pages of the prose edda ( i think and hope ) . I tried to make a page for all the smaller saga’s that get reffered to also . If everything works like i … Continue reading

Added a few pages .

Today i added the pages : Hákonarmál – The lay of Hákon. Eiríksmál – The lay of Eric Skáldskaparmál – in the Prose Edda section Also made a page for the goddess Eir . Eir is the goddess of protection, … Continue reading

Is the whole world becoming nuts or what ?

In the last days all we hear and talk about is the corona virus , its normal that people worry because it is a nasty bitch virus . But what i find disturbing is the fact the humanity can be … Continue reading

King Olaf Trygvason’s Saga

Finisht part 6 of the Heimskringla . Chapter 6 – King Olaf Trygvason’s Saga. In this chapter you can see alot of how , why and when people converted to cristianity from Heathenism. This chapter consist out of 123 parts … Continue reading


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